Enjoy life

What kind of evolutionary challenges have you chosen to work with, for what purpose have you chosen to incarnate into this life, and what aspirations motivate you to make this life into your own? The Script of Life is something we have designed, in order to seek answers to a threefold question: ”how can I enjoy life, be true to Self and maximize my creativity?” How to recognize what is valuable? Is the time auspicious for action, or should you wait?


In our day and age, the purpose of astrology is to serve the changing needs of human evolution, as we encounter those needs today. I represent an astrological orientation which is a continually evolving integration of Vedic Jyotish -astrology, Ayurveda and Yoga sciences, a touch of Nadi -astrology and the spiritual science approach of 21st century Antroposophy.

Jyotish is sanskrit and means “The Science of Light”, and refers to how the light of awareness seeks to come alive and shine in our material being and existence. How do the attributes and tendencies of your personality serve the evolving needs of your soul? Everything has an Ultimate Good Purpose.  How can you live your own natural greatness ?

Jyotish can examine the following life areas:
* prosperity, wellbeing, health, self-awareness
* communication and creativity, art and science of living life
* developing skills and talents, study and education
* achievements in career, job and vocational choices
* travelling and expansion of your life experience
* social interaction, human relationships
* partnerships, spouse and marriage, children
* home and real estate, building a nest adn choosing a partner
* dealing with changes in life
* commitments and release…