Science of Light

Ascension Jyotish – Vedic Astrology

Jyotish birthchart conveys a simple and clear message: everything that occurs in life, has an ultimate good purpose. Always. Everything follows a script that guides the ebb and flow of how your life unfolds. We create our world with how we react to those expectations and desires, which we ourselves have projected out there. Often we do not see things as they are, instead we see what we expect to see and we react to our own interpretation. We mold reality by how we choose to see reality. Your Life Script: the dramatic structure, the twists and turns of the plotline, the points of growth and the assisting personages are all displayed in the Jyotish Chart. Dharma of life, person’s relationship to his/her own natural greatness, is one of the most central aspects of Jyotish.

What is Natural Greatness?

Each of us possesses a Natural Greatness. Something that makes you uniquely special exactly as you are, even when it does not provide you with public fame or power of influence. Even so, living true to your own natural greatness will make your life truly worth living for.

Karma and Liberation

Simply put: karma is like living in debt. As long as the debt remains, your life will be bound by certain responsibilities and there is no avoiding that. When the debt is repaid, the restrictions no longer apply.

Dharma Yoga setup

What is natural and true to you, what comes easy and what comes only through hardship and stress? Where in life can you be a winner, and what helps you live with the things you cannot change? And – why is the Script of your Life set up this way? What will assist you in manifesting the purpose why you were born, and let go of unrealistic and wasteful expectations?

How consciously does a person follow his/her natural inspiration? Do they stick to it, no matter what? To what degree is your attention distracted by social demands, limiting beliefs or practical responsibilities – and how do you cope with that? Often we don’t see things as they are, instead we see our own resistance and mistake that for a fact. We learn to live different roles, and seek validation and love from outside of self.

Person can be very successful in material sense (Artha), or very skillful in organizing things according to their own desires (Kama). Eventually they will reach an impasse, and encounter the dark point in the heart: a nagging feeling how nothing will be enough, and you don’t even know what you should look for. The best of the worst might be to desire detachment from all earthly things (Moksha), like an early retirement.

Only the kind of pursuit which is true to your own Natural Greatness, can produce lasting fulfillment, happiness and wellbeing; the desire to discover your own natural greatness in everything and anything that life throws at you, and act accordingly. The ultimate desire to praise life as it already unfolds for you. To experience how Life lives itself through you and provides endless variety of opportunities for discovering your own true nature, again and again. Dharma of life, the only foundation of true liberation.

Changing your Life Script

How can we change our lifescript?
How can we liberate ourselves from karma?

It all starts here: as human beings, we manifest reality with our seeing. How we choose to perceive things, that is how we experience those things in life. So as we took birth here, we made a promise to Praise Life, as it is.

Seeing is being aware, a result of a conscious choice. Living in debt means: you see things in life as restrictive and distorted, so seeing manifests life for you as suffering. Your choice to perceive life as limited manifests for you a life colored by stress and hardship. To repay the debt means: you deliberately choose to alter the way you see things; you consciously choose to perceive things as they truly are – as something to praise. That way you begin to honour your original pledge. Seeing life this way allows Life to manifest in its true form.

As you become aware of the process of your Life script, you will inevitably realize its unique quality, its integrity and purposefulness. It is one without a second, everything is already in its rightful place, already perfect and true, crafted to assist you in manifesting your uniquely delightful purpose for being here. Being aware always provides the freedom of choice: to see life as it truly is, not settling for anything less than what you are truly worth and what life is truly worth.

The different setups and configurations of your Jyotish Chart might provide all possible causes for experiencing happiness and fulfillment – yet you are still The One who deliberately has to choose to embrace that. It is our sacred duty to honour our original pledge: be true to self, enjoy life in a physical body on planet earth, and let go of all beliefs which limit our ability to perceive BEING as joyful and LIFE as inspiration.

How we manifest life

Jyotish chart describes the Production Agenda of your Life Script, in different areas of life. From our consciousness, we project those experiences we are meant to receive in this life, we produce them into concrete circumstances, situations and events of daily life.

In order for something to be experienced, we have to first become aware of it as possibility. Based on this potential, the mind starts to focus more attention onto certain sector of life and leave the rest in a dormant state.

On the next level the mind starts generating thoughts about the potential things. The more you think those thoughts in your mind, the more you start to pay attention to relevant things popping up in your life on a daily basis.

As thoughts acquire more intensity and focus, they activate emotional responses. You start to feel this way or that way about the relevant issues. Emotional charge creates magnetism which will attract to you what is needed for issues to become “true” in your life. Pieces of life’s puzzle start coming together, in order to make the previously thought-about things a reality.

Thus the energies which have an ”agenda” for producing issues, get their chance to impact your life according to the production agenda, each in its own good time.

What does Jyotish offer in practice?

It is no random occurrence to be born into this life. Behind every experience, situation and event exists an ultimate good purpose. Jyotish birthchart is the Script that guides how your life unfolds. Jyotish is ”The Science of Light” and it is based on the ancient Vedic scriptures.

Jyotish birthchart shows:
1. What you have chosen as the growth objective in this life, and the progression of lifespan;
2. What type of persona you have chosen as your vehicle, and how it is attuned to growth challenges;
3. How different areas of life present growth challenges to you, and in what form.

What can we examine in Jyotish chart?

Jyotish clarifies your ability to manifest your life. Do you feel a need to make a change in life? Or find a new direction? Need to work out issues in relationships? Find a suitable time for starting or ending job or career or other projects in life?

Perhaps you feel increasingly unsatisfied, but don’t know what to aim for.

Jyotish shows to what kind of challenges hide the best growth opportunities here and now. You can develop better understanding about the twists and turns of life. Or learn to attune to your hidden potential, your ability to make value choices you don’t have to regret. All this, and more, can be examined in the Jyotish chart.

What can we see in Jyotish chart

Examination of Jyotish chart can be focused onto following issues, for example:

* Life Path, Direction, Meaning, Purpose, Commitment, Intent, Karma
* Bodily Health and Constitution, Physical Ills
* Vulnerabilities, Predispositions, Fatalities and Accidents
* Prosperity and Wealth, Fortune, Resources and Wellbeing
* Work and Action, Job, Career, Business and Entrepeneurship
* Family, Siblings, Relatives, Ancestry and Heritage
* Marriage, Partnerships, Social interaction, Human Relations
* Co-creativity, Children, Progeny, Legacy you leave behind
* Accomplishments and Achievements, your Natural Greatness and Dharma
* Vehicles, Transportation, Freedom and Ease of movement
* Worship and Devotion, Ashram and Spiritual practices
* Belief systems, Attitude and Approach, Philosophy, Religion
* Developing Skills and Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses, Hidden Potential
* Happiness, the Best and the Worst that life has to offer

Script of Life

Already within the first 3 months of our lives, we are prepared to explore into what kind of world we took birth. Some things come easy and naturally, other things are challenging and difficult – yet still meant to be mastered within this lifetime. What is your readiness to recognize the right direction in life, to set course toward it and organize practical daily issues so that life will provide fulfillment and satisfaction for you?

Jyotish chart can be examined to find the most auspicious time for pursuing desires and manifesting things in life, to see when the conditions present most opportunity. Examine what influences are active in your life here and now. The overall structure of your life script, the ups and downs of the plot, the growth points and the supporting dramatic personages are all described in the Jyotish chart.