Full moon sept 2020

Reframing karma

”Why are we suffering? Is that karma?” Well, yes, sort of… but why is that question brought forth only in relation to unpleasant and stressful experiences? What about the question: ”Why am I so happy and glad? Why do I feel so content, why does my life feel so purposeful? Is that karma?” How often do we ask that?

The answer is ”yes” to both questions. Everything we experience is karma. Before you were born, you decided how you wish to contribute to the evolution of human awareness, then you collaborated in turning that into a viable individual life plan, and now you are exploring all that in the circumstances, events and experiences of the life you live. Karma.

Karma is often thought of as ”because I did that, I now have to put up with this.” True, that is how great many people are capable of even recognizing that karma exists. Action and consequence are, however, only the tip of the iceberg. What karma truly is, lies much deeper. If ”that” is what you ”did”… then how and why did you choose to do it? Based on what expectations did you think that acting in such a manner would be beneficial to your wellbeing and growth? When and why did you choose to adopt and support the beliefs that those assumptions are based upon? When you perform ”the act”, you have already decided to do it; you have already set in motion powerful energies that will manifest in such behavior – so your ”act” is just as much a consequence as are the concrete results of that action. A much more realistic version of the previous statement would thus be: ”because I chose to believe and think like that, I now have the privilege and honor of embracing these experiences and events, as my life.” Thinking a thought is something you do, as much as any physical act you perform. Perhaps you ”did your thoughts” in a previous incarnation, so in this incarnation it is difficult to remember where your ”actions” are really sprouting from. But even so, if you ”did” that then that is your ”doing” until all eternity – OR until you awaken to the realization that you can reframe it, and you consciously choose to think otherwise. At its deepest core, the seed of all karma is a distorted thought, a belief in falsehood. The ultimate lie is a false belief about your own nature, about who you really are. Reframe your thinking at that core level, start thinking the right thought about who you area and watch all the other distortions evaporate like the morning mist at the rising of the sun. Can you give yourself permission to ”do” that? You are the architect of your own karma.

The message comes from the full moon ruling Venus in the house of creative intelligence, Jupiter as the ruler of this full moon residing in the house of gains, and Rahu sitting in the house of happiness in Gemini. All this spells out a quest for authentic self-worth. To gain a sense of unity, learn to see life from other people’s perspective. BUT – do not try to rescue others from the life they have designed for themselves, according to their own karma. You have the obligation to embrace your karma by being true to who you are and respecting your own boundaries. This will alleviate the suffering of the lie that keeps the wheel of karma revolving.

Based on your individual horoscope, look for the mystery of you in the following areas of experience.

With Aries rising; or if you are born on March 21 – April 20: The need for resolving karma can exert a stronger influence. In the interest of religion or ethics, you might be prepared to sacrifice much in your life, but aware how idealism can distract you from your goal. Enjoy solitude, and reach far.

With Taurus rising; or if you are born on April 21 – May 21: By all means, enjoy the comforts of good life while waiting for the next cycle to begin. Pay attention of instability. Be mindful of traditions and social connections. Professional success and financial gains related to your ability to communicate and process information, in hi-tech professions or in relation to internet.

With Gemini rising; or if you are born on May 22 – June 21: Opportunities for transforming karma when working for a cause, organizing and managing even foundations or institutions. Can involve writing or publishing, food or catering, spiritual dedication and teaching capacity. Feminine energy helps you succeed.

With Cancer rising; or if you are born on June 22 – July 22: Special mission to fulfill in life, with clarity of vision and decided objectives. Be mindful that this is the point where karma is beginning to sprout and gain foothold in your daily life, don’t resist. Entertain faith in the evolution of mankind. Awaken your sleeping beauty.

With Leo rising; or if you are born on July 23 – August 23: Deeply emotional intensity. Spiritual inclinations and meditation. What has come to pass and is scheduled for termination. Be a transformational agent in the lives of others. Can be hard work to maintain status. Income through inheritance, insurance, clients or sources of paid salary.

With Virgo rising; or if you are born on August 24 – September 22: Detachment and frustration with opposite sex, yet satisfying experiences with relationships. Appreciate the creative and protective function of the feminine. If you are young, not to worry, you are likely to marry late in life. Your spouse will be your friend. Also earning money through partnership.

With Libra rising; or if you are born on September 23 – October 23: Resolving karma through service to community or society. Riches and comfort may be hard to accomplish, or it might not mean much for you in comparison with the service orientation. Vulnerability is something you might need to take into account; entertain good dietary habits and cultivate interest in your own health, perhaps also in the healing arts. Perhaps working in the food industry? Or with pets? Success will grow and stabilize with time.

With Scorpio rising; or if you are born on October 24 – November 22: Ambition and desire to attain comfortable status in life. Integrate that with spiritual goals and be mindful of material attachments. Education, charm and intelligence, along with devotion to mentors or teachers will advance your path. Enjoy your natural sense of faith and past life merits.

With Sagittarius rising; or if you are born on November 23 – December 21: Look deep within every situation, look for the presence of the divine in the richness of experiences. Family as a source of many plentiful things, along with peace of mind, education, landscaping and property issues, can effectively assist you in transforming karma.

With Capricorn rising; or if you are born on December 22 – January 20: Internal fortitude, communications between you and your spouse, and a homesick love of the good life show where karma is manifesting sprouts and gaining foothold in your life. Cultivate artisan abilities.

With Aquarius rising; or if you are born on January 21 – February 18: Full moon in your second house activates the depths of karmic reservoir. Since Jupiter rules this full moon and resides in the ”house of gains”, this can produce rather pleasant conditions in life. Jupiter has, however, a shared leading role in the drama of the current times, so you might experience challenges in realizing the truth about who you are. Jupiter is also retrograde at the moment, so expect issues that need to be revisited and properly adjusted. Eat well. You might want to reconsider making large investments during this period; at least be very conscious of your expectations because they might not produce intended results.

With Pisces rising; or if you are born on February 19 – March 20: If you experience any misery or mental disturbance, consider radically re-adjusting your pursuit in life. This full moon brings bountifully flowing blessings to you, but not for your individually egoistic benefit. Once you open up to acting for the good of the humanity, others will start to look to you for guidance. There is plenty of happiness and stable composure on offer for you, just acknowledge and accept it as part of who you truly are. Enjoy the hidden treasures, you can find ability to nurture and support, along with talent for drama, writing, sports, games or entertainment in general.