Full moon nov.2020

Don’t worry, choose happy

Astrology of enlightenment

Ketu is something which is less often talked about, even in mainstream Vedic astrology. The quality of Ketu is ”kaivalya”, a sanskrit term which means the release the consciousness experiences when it stops identifying with the material form of existence: the physical body, the material environment and its conditions. When you stop identifying with something, you detach from it. To detach from your material form, means you no longer think of yourself as a physical body – YOU exist in a body but you are not the body. To detach from the circumstances of your life, means you no longer hold onto the end result of your performance – you experience events, but YOU are not defined by either the failure or success of those events. Engage and observe with detachment. Allow yourself to be enlightened by the events. Most of us don’t know how to properly desire ”enlightenment” because we have no idea what that means. To unravel that term, we need to understand five things: expectations, disappointment, identification, detachment – and desire.

Let’s start with desire. First, decide how you choose to approach desire. You can identify with it and think ”My desire” – which automatically generates expectations about how your desire should find fulfillment from the world, and how much effort should be expended to make it so. Depending on what else goes on in the world, you get to experience either satisfaction or no satisfaction. If you get no satisfaction with your desire, you experience disappointment. You can further identify with either the satisfaction (success) or the disappointment (failure), and imprint your own self image accordingly.

At this point – stop, and observe. When you identify with how the world facilitates or opposes your desire, you are already deeply engaged in a distorted view of yourself and the world. Interpret everything in your life as a message from your True Self, as on omen. The world does not oppose your desire because the world is your enemy – instead, that is your spiritual awareness trying to tell you that you are not looking in the right direction in life. If you continue down that path, you end up abandoning your dharma. But then there are instances when resistance just requires more focus and concentrated effort to overcome. Yes, that is also true – and YOU have to figure out which is what. But in such cases, the extra effort required is not an increase in the same effort as before, instead you are asked to step outside of the box and find the right key for the lock, not to keep pounding it harder with a hammer and chisel. Change your approach, change your attitude. Beware of small miracles.

This whole business of identification and attachment came from your expectations. The expectations were based on what you desire – but that desire is not ”yours” to claim. Watch closely how you came up with your desire: it was given to you, ignited by a spark of inspiration which certainly was not ”your achievement”. You have been given your desire, as a gift from your God. The desire that arises in you, is already an omen, a transcendental suggestion to start looking in a certain direction in order to discover more of your dharma.

And here comes the hard part: however your desire turns out and manifests in your life, is your own creation – by how you choose to approach it in the first place. The rest is Life doing its best to accommodate your choice of experience. So whichever way it turns out, Life is always perfectly justified – in relation to how you choose to approach it. This is the only purposeful way of seeing Your Self, as an enlightened conscious being.

Through the double-edged sword of frustration and liberation, Ketu guides us to meet our God. Realize how your true nature is boundless, without beliefs or attachments. Who you really are has no name, no quality, no story, no agenda, no plan. You cannot be defined or described in relative terms. Your are a silent witness, pure awareness. You take things as they come and you are the pure bliss of not needing to worry about anything. Be a tourist in your own life, be a hitchhiker on the universal highway, totally enjoy not knowing who will offer you a ride when you wiggle your spiritual thumb – and be clear about what that means to you. Be open to live each moment as both the first and the last moment of your life. Forget who you were supposed to be, let go of the drama and forget the story.

This presents absolutely no judgement on identification. Identification generates much of the drama of human social interaction. If you came into this life to work out some issues, then just do it so you complete what you have started. Enjoy your process and let your karma burn, even though your life does not suddenly become something else than what it is. In the ancient monastic cultures of East and West there have been numerous examples of such radical changes, but if you are treading the modern Householder Path you need to adjust your expectations accordingly. If you live your days in an urban environment with a spouse and a kid and working a day job, try not to force yourself to be an ascetic. The issues in life are what they are – but they stop being a problem, and that is a special source of enjoyment in itself.

During this November full moon period, Ketu is encouraging us to let go, accept what is, and ”don’t worry, be happy” as Meher Baba used to say. Pay attention to where you feel frustrated or indecisive, where you overanalyze or doubt your self – observe Ketu omens in the following areas.

With Aries rising; or if you are born on March 21 – April 20: Emphasis on enhancing your spiritual side and your intuition. Recognize the need to find the truth within, often without any ritual and a minimalistic philosophy. If foreign travel Is out of the question, what about a more local camping trip?

With Taurus rising; or if you are born on April 21 – May 21: Emphasis on transformation and change. Learn meditation or intensify your practice. You can experience uncertainties regarding joint finances, earnings of your partner, or money coming through contracts, agreements, or clients.

With Gemini rising; or if you are born on May 22 – June 21: Emphasis on relationships and partnerships, time to take romantic experiences a day at a time. Detach from anyone who is not participating wholeheartedly in interaction, who is asleep at the wheel – yet also accept others without judgement, be compassionate and understanding.

With Cancer rising; or if you are born on June 22 – July 22: Emphasis on health issues, steady routines and maintenance. You can experience vague or hard-to-diagnose physical symptoms; good time to benefit from natural or alternative healing modalities. Practice yoga. Engage in alternative healing practices in advance, as preventative medicine.

With Leo rising; or if you are born on July 23 – August 23: Emphasis on creativity, children, education, and developing your mind. Let go of attachment and judgement in regard to children. Set boundaries when you must, yet also accept and take things one day at a time. Put your mind on spiritual subjects, like the principle of detachment and the practice of meditation.

With Virgo rising; or if you are born on August 24 – September 22: Emphasis on home or housing issues, inner peace and happiness. Create spiritual energy in your living space, maybe with plants, incense, or essential oils. Just keep things clean, outside and inside. Good time to make space in your home for meditation.

With Libra rising; or if you are born on September 23 – October 23: Emphasis on increase of your intuitive abilities. Maybe you are able to read between the lines with other people, and you can navigate difficult conversations by avoiding confrontation. Or maybe you feel more evasive than usual. Good time to read and absorb spiritual information, to study esoteric subjects or astrology.

With Scorpio rising; or if you are born on October 24 – November 22: Emphasis on refining your diet by letting go of certain foods. Maybe uncertainties with money, yet also a good time to practice detachment related to money and possessions. Get rid of old possessions or make donations to worthy causes.

With Sagittarius rising; or if you are born on November 23 – December 21: Emphasis on your self. Not a time for being in the lime-light, take care to value your privacy. Turn your attention inward through the practice of meditation or some inner reflection. This time can make you feel like you are overlooked or under-appreciated. The key is to make use of not being noticed by choosing to get involved with reflective activities.

With Capricorn rising; or if you are born on December 22 – January 20: Emphasis on meditation, reflection, introspection and enhanced spiritual experiences. Your intuition is probably functioning at a higher level.

With Aquarius rising; or if you are born on January 21 – February 18: Emphasis on friends and groups and social networking. Or being certified. Feel inclined to hang out (even in cyberspace) with other people with whom you share something inspirational. Often a time to let go of a friend or friends who are asleep at the wheel or misbehaving. You can experience disappointment with groups and a desire to distance oneself from organizations. Or, a good time for you to benefit from groups that uplift or generate spiritual energy.

With Pisces rising; or if you are born on February 19 – March 20: Emphasis on being responsible for your own choices, and on career. You might need more inspiration in your work, more in the zone, so you can experience a sense of dissatisfaction with mundane work. Good time for getting involved with activities that inspire or uplift your spirit. Yoga, meditation, art, music, healing, and astrology are just a few that come to mind.