Full moon march 2020

In December 2019 Jupiter came to its weak point of debilitation in Capricorn. That initiated a long period of ”adharma”, the absence of truth and natural order of things, which lasts to the end of 2020. When the natural truth of dharma is low, people value truth less and tend to act out of impulsiveness and fear, ignorance or greed or narcissism, out of disregard for responsibility. Most easily this reveals itself in politics, finance and economy, and in the modern ”deep fake” bias of news networks and social media.

Sun is the way we identify with The Self. Saturn is focus on the bare essentials of survival. Saturn influencing the sun gives a limited sense of ”who am I?” When this limited identity passes onto the full moon, it emphasizes needs that support survival of the ego-self. Jupiter/dharma is absent, so this ”survival” is taken as the ”truth”. Strong Mars with strong Saturn is like trying to drive your car by stepping simultaneously on the gas (Mars) and the brake (Saturn) pedals. Ketu is also there, to provide chronic frustration of efforts.

This is important for our internal awareness and the choices we make as individuals. Saturn gives excellent results but with a price: we have to work for it. Saturn is the celestial karma yogi, so the work required means developing our internal ability to Praise. For every instance of apparent ”injustice” (lack of dharma) we encounter, we need to cultivate an internal reaction of Gratitude. Do what needs to be done, but this is not about the act, this is about the focus of internal awareness.

Even though weak, Jupiter resides in Uttarashada nakshatra, ruled by the Vishvadevas, the sons of Dharma. Uttarashada provides the power to ”gain a victory which can never be lost.” Lack of dharma is challenging us to live a life of fulfillment and success, while remaining unattached and fully absorbed in your eternal transcendental being, on the inside. Being true to who you are, will automatically reveal the delusional nature of lack and suffering.

In the following horoscope, either locate the paragraph for your rising sign, or the paragraph that matches your birth date. If those are different, you can take both paragraphs and see how they combine in your life.

With Aries rising; or born March 21 – April 20: Act with responsibility, get down to business. Beware of being too sure of yourself. Develop success and social standing with patience. Home-related or educational arenas can provide opportunities for employment. Comfort and ease with finances, yet peace of mind can require extra effort. Be mindful of how you react to competition.

With Taurus rising; or born April 21 – May 21: Consider plans for expanded education, or commit to helping others. Warrior spirit always ready to stand up for what is right, hungry for things that give you a sense of purpose and contribute something to others. Cultivate faith in the universe. Finances can fluctuate. Easy to express affection and love.

With Gemini rising; or born on May 22 – June 21: Spend money to promote security. Make changes to transform the structure of your life. Pay attention to money that relates to other people: partnerships, taxes, inheritance, insurance, banking, joint finances or shared economy. Finances can fluctuate. Wield your authority, and accomplish your goals without too much of a challenge; just be mindful of excessive need to be in control.

With Cancer rising; or born on June 22 – July 22: Cultivate social interactions and creative group events. Set boundaries and stabilize relationships, clarify mutual agreements. Work hard but remember to take downtime and tend to your personal needs. Differences of opinion – yet you prefer to work in partnerships with assertive and successful partners. Perhaps career in communications combined with advanced technology?

With Leo rising; or born on July 23 – August 23: Issues of money and foreign travel go hand in hand, strong contact with distant places. Strong intuition regarding dietary issues. Responsibilities might demand more time. Industrious attitude yet interruptions in employment. Relations within work are enjoyable. You have the attitude of a fighter with good ability to bounce back from setbacks. Raise a dog, make a friend.

With Virgo rising; or born on August 24 – September 22: Develop awareness, in this period your soul shines a spotlight on who you are. Be productive, find success in whatever you choose. Try physical body creativity: dancing, sculpture etc. Or technical creativity: writing, drawing, programming. Put a revolutionary spin on humanitarian and group activities. With money you can gain some then lose some. Be careful with speculative ventures. If you are a woman – go ask a man out, don’t just wait him to find you.

With Libra rising; or born on September 23 – October 23: Career in handling unconscious and intuition, or environmental causes. Also good time for getting emotional therapy or marriage counseling. Money coming through clients or outside sources. Strong issues with house or real estate, or changing residence. Take care of home base. Stabilize your expenses. Challenges with your peace of mind. Do it yourself, don’t be shy – claim your success.

With Scorpio rising; or born on October 24 – November 22: Prosperity with a purpose. Strong social consciousness or spiritual path. Be clear and precise in your communication, even if it feels lika a challenge. Express your boundaries, be polite and persistent about what you want and what you will not put up with. Let go of fuzzy attachments, be mindful of excessive self-confidence.

With Sagittarius rising; or born on November 23 – December 21: Profession involving many dynamic changes. Career transformation at least once in your life time. Preference for being self employed, and you might burn plenty money in the process of earning more. Exaggerated optimism can create financial bumps. Pay attention to the bare essentials: money, speech, diet, health and emotional balance.

With Capricorn rising; or born on December 22 – January 20: Purpose and commitment in partnership. Playful and loving emotions flow freely in this period. Turn your focus inward and take responsibility for who you are. Rugged and good stamina, mechanical skills, ability for creative leadership. Be mindful of strong fixated opinions or dogmatic attitude.

With Aquarius rising; or born on January 21 – February 18: Healing therapies, transformations and overcoming physical limitations. Maybe work with handling other people’s money. Be mindful of your own spending habits, develop restraint. Create comfort in your home. Reinforce your spiritual focus with meditation and hatha yoga, or working in privacy. Use energy and effort in inspirational ways on idealistic, selfless and creative ventures.

With Pisces rising; or born on February 19 – March 20: Fortune favors partnership and marriage. With a natural faith in God, you easily communicate in a charming and loving manner. Good time for outdoor activities and interacting with friends, groups and networks, also with partner or spouse. Friends can seek to reform your character with unsolicited advice. Play the long game: where do you want to be 20 years from now? Achieve your goals with patience and perseverance.