Full moon feb.2020

This month’s topic centers around the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. This relates to_dharma_which means truth and natural law. I shall approach this by first talking about adharma, the absence of balance and truth. After that I will discuss the real deal: what type of choice _dharma _is asking us to make.

The build-up of imbalance is a natural phenomenon of biological life. As life acquires and uses nutrients, stress accumulates in its own site where it also gets eliminated (this is called ”dosha” in Ayurveda). Excess stress which is not eliminated, overflows and seeks out vulnerable spots, such as weak tissue, mental-emotional prejudices or limiting beliefs. These can eventually manifest as growth of disharmony, decline of the immune system, or even points of crisis.

Socially, disharmony and imbalance manifests itself as adharma, ignorance of truth. This in itself is a prevalent characteristic of the current Kali Yuga epoch, especially in regard to issues of power management and politics. The period of February 2020 full moon demonstrates this influence of adharma, denial of truth about who we really are and what is reality. Jupiter as a planetary influence is the lord of dharma, and in December 2019 Jupiter entered its sector of debilitation and weakness in Capricorn. Dharma seems to decrease and fade, as the expansive aspiration of Jupiter comes under strongly constrictive influence of Saturn. In cases of mundane astrology and external world events, truth and natural law is often unappreciated, devalued and neglected. Jupiter and Saturn have been slowly building up toward this conjunction for quite some time already. This could be observed in how public political figures and media have been bending truth to serve their own agendas. Through social media networks and channels, spreading of adharma can easily build up into a viral phenomenon.

However, this has more important ramifications on the level of our internal awareness and choices we make in our individual lives. This is the part where the challenge of dharma comes into play. Saturn, strong in its own sign of Capricorn, brings a strong sense of responsibility and commitment, productivity, patience and perseverance. All the other planets represent different aspects of desire – Saturn gives the ability to make desire materialize in a concrete form. Saturn can give excellent results but it comes with a price: you have to work for it. And since Saturn is the celestial yogi, the lord of karma, the work required means expanding your awareness and developing your internal ability to Praise. For every instance of apparent ”injustice” (lack of dharma) you encounter, you need to cultivate an internal attitude of Gratitude. Embrace the issue within yourself, exactly as it is. For any investment you make here, Saturn will give you a hundred percent in return. Any improvement you make in the direction of transiting Saturn in your chart, you will receive equal amount of support and progress in that area.

Dharma is at its lowest during the 2-3 weeks following the February full moon, and this offers a preview of what comes later toward the end of year 2020. During February, Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in Uttarashada nakshatra, whose ruling deity are the Vishvadevas, the sons of Dharma. Uttarashada provides the power to ”gain a victory which can never be lost.” The external lack of_dharma_ is challenging you to live a life of fulfillment and success, while remaining unattached and fully absorbed in your eternal transcendent being. Being true to who you are, will automatically reveal the folly and delusional nature of lack and suffering.

The area of life that Saturn will affect, during this transit, will depend on what house the sign of Capricorn occupies in your natal chart. In the following paragraphs you can look at it in two ways: first, according to what sign is rising in your chart; and second, according to what is your date of birth. Read both descriptions and create your own interpretation of the combination. If you get the same description twice, its influence is simply emphasized in your life.

If you wish to know the rising house in your chart, you can get it here at Cafe Astrology website, by entering your birth data. 

With Aries rising; or if you are born on March 21 – April 20:
Saturn puts emphasis on career and any action you take with responsibility. Perhaps you reach for a new level of success. Be ambitious, pick a project and stick to it. Get down to business.

With Taurus rising; or if you are born on April 21 – May 21:
Perhaps you accumulate more financial prosperity. Execute plans for more expanded education. Travel. Cultivate faith and trust in the universe.

With Gemini rising; or if you are born on May 22 – June 21:
Make changes, transform your career or your structure of life. Pay attention to money that relates to other people: partnerships, taxes, clients, inheritance, insurance. What about joint finances or shared economy?

With Cancer rising; or if you are born on June 22 – July 22:
Stabilize relationships, set boundaries and clarify mutual agreements. Work hard if you feel inclined to do so – just make sure you also take downtime and tend to your own needs.

With Leo rising; or if you are born on July 23 – August 23:
Pay attention to your health and physical issues, improve if necessary with diet and exercise. Responsibilities might increase and demand more time, make sure you schedule everything.

With Virgo rising; or if you are born on August 24 – September 22:
Creativity, children, education and developing your awareness. Maybe pick up a class or otherwise develop good study habits. Be productive, watch for constructive improvements in career or work.

With Libra rising; or if you are born on September 23 – October 23:
House related issues: home improvement, or change of residence. Stabilizing your relationship to expenses, real estate, mobility and vehicles or mother.

With Scorpio rising; or if you are born on October 24 – November 22:
Communicate more precisely, clearly and deliberately – even when it is feels like a challenge. Express your boundaries with communication: be polite, patient and persistent about what you want and what you will not put up with. Clean up your life, let go of fuzzy attachments.

With Sagittarius rising; or if you are born on November 23 – December 21:
Pay attention to basic essentials: money, speech, food. Make improvements if necessary. Get organized, reassess long term plans. ”Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.” (Einstein)

With Capricorn rising; or if you are born on December 22 – January 20:
Turn your focus inward, work on yourself. Take responsibility of who you are. Make plans and watch them unfold in the intended direction. Commit to regularity in your health routine.

With Aquarius rising; or if you are born on January 21 – February 18:
Travel with practical agenda. Or work-related travel. Meditate and reinforce your routine for spiritual focus.

With Pisces rising; or if you are born on February 19 – March 20:
Make long term plans, play the long game, reassess your life. Where and who do you want to be 20 or 30 years from now? Pick a direction and start heading toward it. Even a little effort can give good payback. Cultivate a working relationship with groups and networks, perhaps managing a team.