Full moon august 2020

The Script for Life – part 2

Last month we explored how your life script consists of individual and interconnected parts, and activating any house in your birthchart activates all the other houses as well. It is a matter of shifting the emphasis of your focus from one moment to the next. The basic premise of ancient Nadi astrology is that the opportunity to influence our own life destiny updates at 24 second intervals. How much of that opportunity do we utilize in our daily existence?

Time plays its part in the process. The whole totality of you activates, even at levels which are beyond the waking state mind to comprehend. Even in your own physical being there are levels which you are rarely aware of. Can you observe how food gets digested in your stomach? How nutrients are absorbed into your bloodstream in your colon? How blood flows or how nerve impulses travel when you decide to get up from a chair or lift your arm? Consider a time when you have fallen ill: have you been aware of that process in your body? Sickness does not just suddenly pop up at the moment you notice the symptoms, it has grown from an imperceptible seed deep in the subconscious… or, has it really been that imperceptible? And in a similar fashion, how well are you aware the process by which your desires and intentions materialize?

Consciousness in us lives its own life. Your physical body is telling you a singular message every second of your life: ”I will keep myself alive for as long as you need to explore the experiences you came here to examine.” For that purpose, the form of consciousness called your physical body is prepared to sustain almost any kind of treatment, and still the heart keeps beating and the blood keeps flowing and the lungs keep breathing – all for your benefit. That is surely something worthy of praise, is it not?

Here is a practical example of chart activation. You choose to get married. By this choice, you activate the seventh house of your birth chart, and that house in its turn activates all the other houses. Let’s say you found a nice little village church where you wish you have your ceremony, and you need to travel there – which activates the third house of local travel. You go there by car – that activates the fourth house of transportation. A priest comes in so the ninth house of religion activates. The priest conducts a ceremony with power invested on him by higher authority – which activates the tenth house of public duties and responsibilities. From the church you relocate to the dining hall for festivities – that activates the second house of food and catering and speech. You have invited friends and acquintances, that activates the eleventh house of social contacts and networks. Also present are your relatives: father activates the ninth house, mother activates the fourth house, siblings activate the third house, and since you brought your dog along you activate the sixth house also. You and your spouse move into a new home, that activates the fourth house of residence. Perhaps the home was built specifically for this purpose by workmen who expended their energy in doing so – that has activated the sixth house of service and the third house of energy. Perhaps it was all paid by your parents giving you a preliminary cut from your inheritance, which activates the eight house of other people’s money. Perhaps the wife is already 6 months into pregnancy at the time of the wedding, which activates the fifth house of children. Whatever you choose to do or leave undone, the whole chart activates – because YOU YOURSELF activate as a totality. When you go to the store, it is not just your legs taking a walk while the rest of you lounges around back at home – your whole body and your world participates in this act. During the transit your legs just play a somewhat more active part in the process, from your perspective … at least until you get to your car.

Beginning in July, Jupiter and Saturn have joined again, both in retrograde – which means like going out to your car and remembering you forgot the keys on the kitchen table. You need to retrace your steps and deal with. With Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, the issue which needs to be revisited is the second wave of ”a-dharma” or the lack of appreciation for the Truth that sustains all life in the universe. This setup will last to the end of this year 2020. What is the gift that you have come into this life to give, in order to deal with this challenge?

If you are here in this life …

To demonstrate independence and courage of your convictions, how would you seek gains and benefits in work and career, or in taking responsible action?

To demonstrate prosperity consciousness with a solid mix of financial and spiritual values, what kind of beliefs would express your vocation or mission?

To demonstrate how to say the right thing at the right time, how would you transform your communication?

To demonstrate how to understand emotions and heal contact between people, could you expose your vulnerability in close relationships?

To demonstrate how to accept love and affection, how much trouble are you willing to invest in developing your relationships?

To demonstrate ability to discriminate between the real and the false, how are you willing to work in order to manifest your inspiration?

To demonstrate the value of acquiring balance and harmony, could you find inspiration from making your mind a peaceful place?

To demonstrate willingness to embrace your shadows, what kind of actions would cultivate a contact with your innermost being?

To demonstrate the unity of all philosophies, religions and beliefs, can you communicate the value of a truthful approach?

To demonstrate the value of holding a good reputation, how would you express true values in your own conduct and actions?

To demonstrate an unprejudiced, universal detachment, what personality traits or habits could you let go?

To demonstrate how to develop intuition and sensitivity, how would you relate your gains to your losses in life?