Full moon jan.2020

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The first full moon of 2020 is in effect from the 10th of January forward, for 3 to 4 weeks. The focus of this period falls upon emotional sensitivity: how to handle, acknowledge, accept, express and resolve emotions, and how to stabilize all such experiences. Lessons will present themselves in how to accept yourself as evolving with others through an emotional process in life, and to be aware of how your emotions influence others. The full moon effect is greatly amplified by a simultaneous lunar eclipse, presenting a reflexive need to be in control; but emotions do not allow themselves to be controlled if they are to be resolved. Career and family are likely to collide in some way, and you might feel as if ”nobody loves me” when you project your own insecurities onto others. Learn to love yourself, and to share your feelings honestly.

With Aries rising: Feel worthy, learn to hold yourself in good esteem. Learn to feel at home, with your family or otherwise, strengthen your identity. When you feel the need to achieve or perform, ask yourself: Does this really require action or improvement? Engage in actions that make you feel good inside, learn to enjoy the journey of life as much as reaching the destination.

With Taurus rising: Allow life to flow through you; communicate, socialize, interact with others. Allow blockages to be removed. Perhaps you are not sharing your resources? Or feeling that only you have some vital information? Do you feel unable to verbalize your emotions? Learn to let go, and to trust that the Universe will always provide what you need. Accept abundance – why would you resist?

With Gemini rising: You might want to re-assess your values, make corrections about anything that strikes you as off balance. If a brick wall has a small but worrisome hole in the middle, it is beneficial to patch it up before the whole structure comes rumbling down. Re-harmonize, re-integrate, re-balance.

With Cancer rising: Be aware of how your emotional states influence others. You may attract people who make you take responsibility for your own behavior. Learn to feel relaxed in the company of others; there is no need to prove yourself or feel sorry for yourself. Accept and love who you are, share your emotions honestly, and be willing to grow beyond any hurts. Your True Self cannot be hurt; subtle emotional undercurrents will provide links to the universe during this time, working out group related karma.

With Leo rising: Learn to be in contact with yourself, to silence the mind and turn the focus of your attention inward. Listen to the inspiration and guidance that calls to you. Meditate, take time for yourself. Release yourself from behavior models that cause you to isolate yourself or avoid social interaction. Let life flow, stop living in denial or fantasy. When you make corrections in your own personality, you can discover how external limitations evaporate. Start helping others with issues that previously used to be your own weaknesses.

With Virgo rising: Learn to wish, dream, hope and entertain healthy desires. It is okay to improve the quality of your life. It is okay to acquire comfort, abundance and luxury ~ even more than you might have expected. Learn to be group-conscious; ponder how to integrate the good of the group with your own needs and desires. Learn to feel connected.

With Libra rising: Engage in shared responsibility for the well being of the community, learn to communicate your emotions and thoughts. Learn to define career goals and pursue them with a more one-pointed focus. Do not allow insecurities to prevent you from achievement. Being sidetracked and retracing your steps is just part of the natural learning curve, learn to use that for your benefit.

With Scorpio rising: Expand your understanding with regard to ideals, beliefs, different cultural influences and social habits. Learn to appreciate that life is so much more than what you already think you know. Move about freely, be curious about new experiences. Make your life into an adventure ~ which is already is.

With Sagittarius rising: Be aware of how your values impact other people, and why the strong should express compassion for those who are weaker. Engage in common shared responsibility, so as to get in touch with deeper levels of your own awareness.

With Capricorn rising: Can you interact closely and intimately with another person? Be aware of how you influence the lives and attitudes of others; also understand what roles others play in your life. Learn to
understand the meaning of commitment. Let your word be your bond.

With Aquarius rising: Evaluate your lifestyle and make any corrections necessary to improve your health and vigor; do the same regarding your work habits and routines. Seek actively to be of service. Learn the strengths and limitations of your physical body in order to effectively manifest desires in life.

With Pisces rising: Relax, be easy. Lounge. Learn to play and have fun. Accept the abundance of happiness and love. Let go of emotional insecurities; be ready to take risks and live a little ~ or more fully. Learn to love yourself first of all. Be in contact with your own heart. You have an ability to create, and that will open the ability to manifest your own dharma and destiny. Create and manifest that which makes you happy and vibrant; take responsibility for creating the reality of your own happiness.