Full moon april 2020

On the stage of this April full moon, we have three major players – the challenge, the stress and the strength.

First, Jupiter in Capricorn, debilitated: soul awareness is exploring a shortness of abundance and accomplishments, especially in regard to life’s infrastructures. If I was talking about a space ship here, I could say that the life support system is in dire need of checkup and adjustment. This is the point of challenge.

Second, the sun in Aries, exalted and strong: spirit awareness is pouring in strong radiance and vitality. With the sun in Revati nakshatra we are talking about the power of nurturing, natural understanding of what it means to support life with diet and nutrition and regular routines of daily life. This is the point of strength. With a spaceship this would be the nuclear reactor providing power of sustenance, and the full moon mind reflects this as our journey through life on the space ship called Earth.

Third, Saturn in Aquarius, in its own sign: awareness of base needs and survival, especially in relation to human social networking, is putting stress onto the point of strength and our ability to understand it. Saturn in Shravana nakshatra provides a crackling static in the communication transmission, human survival beliefs imposing friction upon the utilization of our nuclear source power.

Jupiter debilitated in Capricorn overlaps with the ”Shiva point” in the chart; the challenge of scarcity and regulation is helping everyone to see where they are mostly resisting change in life – accepting and embracing change in this same area can facilitate a great improvement in your quality of life. This point is demonstrating where you are most resistance to facing your self. By exposing your fear of inadequacy you activate a powerful transformative process. For Finns this is nothing new: the country just commemorated 80 years from the ending of Winter War, time when the whole nation learned to live with rationing and scarcity.

The planetary setup active at this current point also resembles the setup which was active during the ”Spanish influenza” pandemic about 100 years ago… although with a marked difference: in 1918 Jupiter with Shiva-point in Gemini and Saturn in Leo emphasized a more individual release of karma. The horrendous hygienic conditions of the war in the trenches amplified the spread of the disease and the resulting decrease of population. Now in 2020 Jupiter with Shiva-point in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius emphasize more collective release of karma. Jupiter is the ruler of financial wellbeing and monetary economy, and debilitated in Capricorn (infrastructure of society) indicates this experience to have a primary impact on global economy, not the decrease of population as such. There is plenty of wealth to go around; some economists have calculated that the monetary value circulating at the moment could make everyone on this planet a millionaire at least. But this wealth does not get distributed equally.

Front the perspective of Jupiter’s position in Capricorn, in this April we also have the ruler of creative activity and work in the sign of Gemini, indicating emphasis on technology, communication and networking. Already now it is becoming visible how the physical restrictions will spawn a multitude of developments in the line of collaboration, business and remote access working – all supported by technologically assisted networking. One international graphical business offered its whole repertoire of graphical software for three month’s free-of-charge trial period, with the option of owning it at 50% of normal cost for anyone interested in taking it out for a spin – and they announced that they will hire 100 new freelance graphics artists who would be working with remote access from the comfort of their own home… which seems more than most graphic agencies employ during their whole lifespan. In the Finnish morning radio a thirtyish male journalist reported visiting his grandparents… but grandma did not have time to make a pot of coffee, she was too busy with her headset on playing a Facebook game with some highschool acquaintance she had not seen for decades. We have been able to order decent quality accessories and stuff from China, at half the price for what they cost in Europe and free of postal charges, because Chinese government has assisted in raising the living standard of their citizens by sponsoring the international postage & handling charges for them.

All these rapidly increasing examples demonstrate that whatever gets physically quarantined at the moment, can be brought about in whole other ways by developing the modern networking technology. The world is globally networked, and the circulation of money has already for at least a decade been seeking out new channels and solutions that would be independent of speculative manipulation.

So the basic setup is simple: even though the reactor gives out a strong burn, the life support system seems to display serious hiccups, and the crew seems to be regressing onto rather limited beliefs about survival. The following paragraphs show you where this might appear in your life.

With Aries rising; or if you are born on March 21 – April 20: Challenges to the structures that support your career, ambition and responsibilities, perhaps even your reputation. Hard to relax perhaps. Unemotional and ungrounded fixation on principals, when you should be more flexible instead, can be your shadow. Seek strength in actively taking initiative, even being impulsive and energetic, devote yourself to walking your own path.

With Taurus rising; or if you are born on April 21 – May 21: Challenges with knowledge and beliefs. Life may not feel like the great, noble adventure you expect. Inner guidance can be hard to find. Feeling guilty or fixating on status can cloud your judgement. To find your strength seek that which feels inspiring, imaginative introspective, intuitive. Go beyond.

With Gemini rising; or if you are born on May 22 – June 21: Challenges with coping with changes in life, and dealing with your own subconscious impulses. Darth Vader syndrome. Preaching and giving unsolicited advice can really aggravate your shadow. Seek strength in being open minded and giving support to the team. Define your unique approach to the welfare of the brotherhood of all humanity.

With Cancer rising; or if you are born on June 22 – July 22: Challenges in relationships and social interaction. Difficult to see or adopt the perspective of another. OR seeing both sides too well and cannot settle for either one, which can make you indecisive. Disrespecting boundaries, even your own, can become your shadow. Seek your strength in taking care of commitments and being responsible, in being organized and practical, persevering and patient.

With Leo rising; or if you are born on July 23 – August 23: Challenges with being neat and tidy, with providing useful service. Obsession and worry, perhaps difficulties with saying ”NO.” Constant search for perfect relationship, being shallow or indecisive can reflect your shadow. Seek strength in seeing life as a great adventure to experience instead of to control – let your life tell a good story with a purpose.

With Virgo rising; or if you are born on August 24 – September 22: Challenges with self expression, having your views shaped by your romantic story of yourself. Trying to remove unpredictability from your life can kill your creativity and the smug attitude of ”I told you so” can become your shadow. Seek strength in allowing your life energies to flow, follow the lead and trust the process of transformation. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

With Libra rising; or if you are born on September 23 – October 23: Challenges in being moody and maternal to the point of smothering; also with finding security and following your instincts. Self-centered lack of confidence can become your shadow, leaving others to clean up your mundane mess. Life is not a fairy tale. Seek strength in balance and harmony of relationships, see both sides of situation and create win-win situations. Hold up your ideal of esthetics and beauty.

With Scorpio rising; or if you are born on October 24 – November 22: Challenges with communication and studying. maybe life does not offer as much excitement and fun as you would expect. Does life still make sense to you, can you still approach it with a sense of humor? Defending any territory and feeling insecure can become your shadow and make you hypersensitive. Seek your strength in down-to-earth service attitude, share your knowledge and set good clear boundaries.

With Sagittarius rising; or if you are born on November 23 – December 21: Challenges with comfort and luxury, with achieving the kind of financial prosperity or material stability you expect. You may not be idealistic nor naive, but you might also find it difficult to be exactly realistic. Being scattered and ungrounded, getting overwhelmed with too many irons in the fire, or taking short cuts can be your shadow. Find the bravery of your inner leader, express your true self and live big by making yourself important to others somehow.

With Capricorn rising; or if you are born on December 22 – January 20: Challenges with your now personality or walking your path in life. Perhaps difficulty in taking initiative and being brave. Intolerance, spiritual materialism or being naive can reflect your shadow. Perhaps you find it difficult to appreciate possibilities that life is offering to you. Seek your strength in emotional sensitivity, in a nurturing approach. Be imaginative, find a way to feel secure in your own being. Take life personally – it is your life, after all.

With Aquarius rising; or if you are born on January 21 – February 18: Challenges with idealism and introspection, with finding inspiration and intuition. Difficult to find goodness in the midst of all the mundane hassle, difficult to make your work reflect your imagination. Stress can come from being the arrogant version of who you are, from impatiently expecting others to do the grunt work so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Seek your strength in playful and talkative communication, exploring multiple different angles and being curious about everything. Have a laugh.

With Pisces rising; or if you are born on February 19 – March 20: Challenges with group activities and friends, with being innovative and with thinking BIG. Science and technology can give you a headache, so can abstract thinking and issues with democracy. Be aware of disappointments, or playing the martyr. Impractical undisciplined romanticism can be your shadow. Avoid crises unless you are really ready to take action. Seek strength in clarifying your values, creating material stability and cultivating your esthetic taste. Go for the well designed classical style, forget the fads.