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Most of us don’t know whether we’d like to be ”enlightened” because we have no idea what that means. But we DO know we’d welcome an end to our personal dramas and emotional rollercoasters – and we would not turn down a little more peace, tranquility and joy, or the ability to be more focused and effective in our tasks.

The Ascension techniques are based on the natural tendency of the mind to move toward its greatest pleasure – movement that frees the mind form conflict and the heart from pain. The Attitudes of Appreciation, Gratitude and Love are employed to enliven the serenity already within us, and enable us to return to it whenever we choose, regardless of what is happening around us.

Ascension also increases effectiveness and enjoyment in all areas of life by removing the destructive beliefs and mental habits that inhibit our natural tendency to function at peak levels. A mind that is not subverting itself due to self-defeating programs is free to focus one-pointedly, and can enjoy tasks that once seemed difficult or oppressive.


All suffering is said to fall into one or more of three related categories:

  • suffering that has internal causes (stress, depression, self-doubt, fear. etc.),
  • suffering with causes in the external world (accidents and other events that ”happen to us”), and
  • suffering that arises from dis-harmonious relationship with the Transcendent, the Divine (sinfulness, unworthiness, separation, disconnection, etc.)

The meditative techniques taught in Ascension allow us to correct – easily, gently and simply – imbalances in each of these areas, using vehicles that direct the mind to ever increasing states of tranquility, connection and joy.

Using Ascension Techniques resembles Contemplative Prayer: easy, unforced, gentle repetition, followed by reflective integration. With eyes closed, Ascension Attitudes produce deep meditative experiences very quickly; used with eyes open during everyday activities, they assist in transforming our relationships with family, friends, relatives and in the workplace.

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Ascension consists of a series of mechanical techniques, collectively known as Ascension Attitudes, that activate both the left and the right hemispheres of the brain. The following four Ascension Attitudes comprise the First Sphere, the foundation of the Teaching:

  1. The PRAISE ATTITUDE increases enjoyment and effectiveness in all areas of life, via a simple and natural transformation of our subjective, internal experience.
  2. The GRATITUDE ATTITUDE offers new perspective regarding the connection between mind, body and the objective universe.
  3. The LOVE ATTITUDE awakens our spiritual connection, bridging the gap between individual mind and its experience of the Transcendent.
  4. The COGNITION TECHNIQUE develops compassion for self and others, and transforms our relationship with our fellow beings.

Practicing the Ascension Attitudes, both as meditation technique and with your eyes open, weaves our connection to Source into every aspect of our daily life – enabling us to realize our full human potential Here and Now. No belief is required to practice them; Ascension allows us to explore and to progress based on our personal experience rather than from acceptance of abstract ideas or dogma.

The First Sphere is normally conducted on a Friday evening plus about 6 hours apiece on Saturday and Sunday. It is a complete course of instruction and designed to be self-empowering – that is, participants should require no further instruction or assistance unless they wish it. Teachers are always available, however, for followup or assistance.


Ascension is taught in weekend courses unless otherwise desired; we are happy to provide Teachers whenever there is sufficient interest. The First Sphere costs 300€ and may be repeated as often as you like at no additional charge.

We host our own Teaching Weekends in Helsinki, but we are happy to come to whereever you want us to teach, if sufficient interest exists.

Please, be in contact.

ENGLISH PRESENTATION – Ascension 2018eng